mercoledì 31 marzo 2010



Assembly Instructions :
ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

martedì 30 marzo 2010

Lysergic from East

Emil Viklicky (Feat. Bill Frisell !!!!)

Full Album For You
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venerdì 26 marzo 2010

Double Pleasure

Lalomie Washburn

One Track : Double Funkin'
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Herbie Hancock

Stars In Your Eyes (Long Version 11:21 min.!!!
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giovedì 25 marzo 2010

venerdì 19 marzo 2010


Enrico Rava

Fantastic Track : Fluid Connection
More Ten NEW LINK:

Lysergic, Blues & Sexy !

Johnny "Guitar" Watson

Now One Track :  You've Got A Hard Head

Cal plays Devadip


One Track: Evil Ways


V.A.- MILES from INDIA (vol. two)

One Track:. So What
(Louiz Banks: keyboards
Ron Carter: bass
Ndugu Chancler: drums
Chick Corea: piano
Selva Ganesh: khanjira /voice percussion
Sridhar Parthasarthy: mridangam/voice percussion
Taufiq Qureshi: world percussion/voice percussion)

giovedì 18 marzo 2010

Lysergichick chick

Arnie Lawrence

Now One Track : - Seymour Chick Chick

I Love This Sound (Only This Track!)

JazzLatin Kraut Sound

Guru Guru Sun Band - Taoma (From LP Heydu)

martedì 16 marzo 2010

Great French Sound

Christian Gaubert - Last Exit

Full Album :

Buddy Buddy

Buddy Miles - Chapter VII

Very RockFunk!!! :Life Is What You Make It

The only war that I like

Lonnie Jordan - War Stories

Great Album
Now one Song : Deliver the word


Photographs taken with a mobile phone,i did not use photoshop!

The square of my country

The inside of my Car


                                                              2009 Lysergicfunk trademark


Good Old Ramsey

Ramsey Lewis - Love Notes

For Now One Track :Shining

Fela + Ginger = A Rhythms Explosion

Ginger Baker & Friends - Eleven Sides Of Baker

One Track : N'Kon Kini N'Kon N'Kon

Jazz?Funk?Rock?Fusion?-Ben Sidran !

Ben Sidran - Free In America

One Track : - Let's Make A Deal

Eddie goes funky !

Eddie Harris - Excursions

For You One Track :Listen here goes funky

venerdì 12 marzo 2010


Pierre Morlene - Time Is The Key

One Track, full Album in April

giovedì 11 marzo 2010

Fantastic Roy

BAH SAMBA & ROY AYERS - Positive Vibe (Roy's Tune) 45rpm

Good Roy Stuff !!!!
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More LysergicJazz

Miroslav Vitous - Purple (1970)
For You The Full Album
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lunedì 8 marzo 2010

domenica 7 marzo 2010

TEST Post # 0 (Mother Night - Mother Night - 1972 Columbia Rec.) NEW LINK

 Mother Night - Mother Night 1972 (Columbia Rec.)                        
Dedicated to my friend Pier & the MFS Crew
                              ENJOY NEW LINK!